Foot Mounted Electric Vibrators

The MVSI series represents the line of reference products for manufacturer's of vibrating machines and plants operating in many industrial sectors and is made up of the largest range on the market, with centrifugal force values up to 26000 Kgf It is characterised by state-of-the-art technological evolution in the perspective of continual performance (254kN).

Planetary gear reducers

is one of leading manufacturer and suppliers of speed reducer (gearbox) in China, we offer NRV worm speed reducer ( NMRV worm geared motor), Casting iron worm speed reducer, in-line helical gear speed reducer, parallel shaft helical gear reducer, helical bevel reducer, helical worm gear reducer, agricultural gearbox, tractor gearbox, auto gearbox, planetary speed reducer(gearbox), PTO shafts, special speedreducer,variators


joints for wall, secret fix and roof profiles in a compact side transfer unit. This full line roll-forming system is superior due to extra forminglength and all forming being done prior to any core introduction. Also available are very economical systems in the Modular and Classic ranges as well as the heavy duty "Euroline".

Electric Supplies

For over 30 years ESU, Inc. has been in business selling used electrical supplies. We have a large inventory of used, surplus, wholesale and recycled electrical supplies both for the commercial and residential electrical markets. We test and stand behind all of our used equipment, check our guarantee! We are a fully stocked Electrical Distributor and Electrical Wholesaler with many different lines in our used and wholesale stock. We specialize in the obsolete and hard to find items.

Earth Moving Space Parts

With a mission to cater to the varied needs for spare parts and services of Heavy Earthmoving Equipment, Shreeji Earthmovers embarked its journey in the year 1997. It has a background of 60 years of trading in Diesel oil Engines, Spares and Generators with the name Saurashtra Engineering Works. Over the oyear

‘MM’ Series Pulse Jet Valves

Very high performance diaphragm

valve designed to be mounted directly

into the compressed air manifold. 1"

and 1.5" models are supplied with

outlet pipes to length specified, 3"

and 3.5”models are supplied without

outlet pipes.

Suitable for

Dust collector applications, in

particular for reverse pulse jet filter

cleaning including bag filters, cartridge

filters, envelope filters, ceramic filters,

and sintered metal fibre filters.


Body and Dresser
Nuts: Diecast Aluminium

Ferrule: 304 SS

Armature: 430FR SS

Diaphragm and Seals: Nitrile or Viton


Spring: 304 SS

Screws: 302 SS

Outlet Pipe: Schedule 40 wrought steel

zinc passivated

Diaphragm Seat: PA-6 (25 & 40MM

(76MM standard), or Viton coated mild

steel (all sizes)
Refer to Q Series Solenoid product data

sheet for solenoid construction details.


on time range: 50-500ms

Recommended time
between pulses: 1 minute or greater


Before conducting any maintenance
activity on the system ensure that
components are fully isolated from
pressure and power supplies. Pressure
and power should not be reapplied until
the valve has been fully assembled.
Diaphragm and pilot inspection should
be conducted annually.