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Foot mounted electric vibrators

The MVSI series represents the line of reference products for manufacturer’s of vibrating machines and plants operating in many industrial sectors and is made up of the largest range on the market, with centrifugal force values up to 30500 Kgf (300kN).

General features

  • Power supply : Three-phase voltage from 24V to 690V, 50Hz or 60Hz or single−phase 100-130V 60Hz and 200-240V, 50Hz.
  • Polarity: Continuous service (S1) at the maximum declared centrifugal force and electric power values
  • Polarity : 2, 4, 6 and 8 poles.
  • Centrifugal Force : Range extended up to 4300 Kgf. (42.4 KN)
  • Insulation Class : Class F (155°C), class H (180°C) on request.
  • Electric Motor : Three-phase and single−phase asynchronous type. Insulated windings using vacuum encapsulating up to size 35; using the “drop by drop” trickle system with class H resin for larger sizes.


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